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depending on your specific application.

The ROMP is a rugged, low cost, all-terrain, multi-functional platform which is ready to attach your own sensors, experiments, cameras and equipment. It comes in 2 variants -the Basic ROMP and the Super ROMP

The Spider Mite is a small, nimble, low profile robot with a wireless, color, pan/tilt camera on a 4WD all-terrain vehicle. It can climb 45 degree inclines and carry 5 lbs. of gear. This little Bot can drive under vehicles to search for bombs or contraband

Oscar Oscar is a Programmable, Robotic Development Platform. Oscar is a small, lightweight, autonomous robot designed for education, experimentation and the Inspection Market. The Platform comes with an Arduino Uno Microcomputer.

The MINIBOT is a ruggedized platform with an infra red camera, a water resistant shell and the ability to turn on a dime. The MINIBOT is designed for use by Building Inspectors, Industrial Applications and Law Enforcement.

The TrackBot is a tracked platform with a fixed Front Facing Camera designed for Education, Security, Engineering and Remote Inspections.

The Mega Bot is a Heavy Duty, 4WD, multi-functional platform which can tow a car and carry a man. It is ready to attach your own sensors, experiments, cameras and equipment.

Paintball UGV is a small Robot with a Non Lethal Weapon System. It features a 13 round-per-second automatic paintball marker with a100 round capacity. You can add a wireless color camera.


Buy from our selection of popular wireless robots. Camera crawler inspection robots, reconnaissance robots, custom, tactical, 4WD robots.  Or have us develop a custom robot for your application.

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