This is OScar -a Programmable, Robotic Development Platform. Oscar is a small, lightweight, robot designed for education, experimentation and autonomous control. The Platform comes with an Arduino Uno Microcomputer. This is an Open-Source platform. You can add sensors, pan and tilt mechanisms to support a Go-Pro Camera! Add lights, servos, 4WD "Off-Road" wheels, and equipment as your ability and budget increases.

The Online Arduino and Raspberry Pi Communities have tons of free Open-Source Programs and are very supportive. Out of the box, Oscar has the ability to turn on a dime, pull a 5 lb payload and climb a 20˚ incline! You can even turn OScar into a full-blown, Surveillance Robot!


This is a fully assembled platform and is ready to roll. A 4WD electric vehicle with high-torque gearing and motor and rechargeable batteries. You can charge OScar in “the field” with your own vehicles’ 12 volt battery. This Open Source platform is perfect for confined spaces  or remote operations. It is lightweight - only 5 lbs

Vision System:

Available as an upgrade

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4-Wheel Drive Platform

Aluminum & Plastic Body

Dimensions: 11.25” L x 9.75”W x 5.5” H

Easy / Intuitive to use

Ground Clearance: 1.25”

Hi-Torque Motors

Includes Arduino Uno

Interchangeable Wheels

Lightweight: Only 5 Lbs 

Low Cost

Low Profile Vehicle

Max Speed: .1.5 m/s

Max Incline: 20 Degrees

Max Towing Payload: 5 lbs

Payload: 5 Lbs



Runtime: Approx. 1 Hr

Removable Protective Shell

Vision System Optional

Wheelbase: 7.4”

Weight: 5 lbs

Zero Turning Radius

Vision System:

Available as an upgrade

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OScar Open Source Robotic Platform

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